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A Lifetime of Excellence

"The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are."
- Joseph Campbell
It is my honor to dedicate this month's president's message to a member who has been key to every aspect of what it means to be a retiree, a mentor, a friend, and a lifelong leader. That member is Mary Reynolds. Our chapter has been blessed with her presence, her guidance, her steady attendance, and her quiet contributions for more than two decades. The experience and wisdom she offers as the current Chapter Advisor is priceless. As a retired member, Mary has paid her MPI membership out of pocket because she has a true passion for community and the THCC family who has helped shape who Mary is today.lifetimeaward
This past Texas Education Conference was a success with over 120 in attendance. Little did the crowd know that something very special was about to happen. This is a first for the Texas Hill Country Chapter, the award presentation to Mary, as a Lifetime Member by MPI International. You see, Mary has dedicated over 28 years, 2 years shy of our chapter's founding, of loyal and dedicated service to MPI THCC. This designation of Lifetime Member is not easy. THCC submitted the recommendation from a working group of past presidents, Debbie Farnum and Susan Greenburg. Mary had an opportunity to add her letter to the application process that goes to the MPI International Board of Directors who review the submission and as Mary had the support of the THCC board of directors this was accomplished at WEC in Minneapolis when the IBOD met. I chose to keep it a secret as I wanted to ensure that this designation would be awarded during a major chapter event. The TEC stage was set for Mary. Oh by the way, she does not like surprises!
The Lifetime Membership from MPI came with a few more accolades. Mary joins a community of Honorees as an MPI Rise Awards winner – Recognizing Industry Success and Excellence, again a first for THCC. As we could not let this special moment pass without presenting our own award the Texas Hill Country Chapter Awarded Mary with a Lifetime Achievement Award. With that award, we recognize and appreciate Mary for her lifetime of dedicated service to the meetings movement, to MPI, and to THCC.
"What can I say about this humbling experience and tremendous surprise. We all work hard in our industry to do our best, to make a difference and to continually serve as a role model for our peers but when you actually get recognized by those peers for what you believe is the right thing to do, it is so overwhelming. Thanks to the Boards of both MPI International and MPI THCC for these great honors. I am speechless!"
- Mary Reynolds, Lifetime Member
I wanted to share a few words from Mary's letter to the International Board. (Continue reading below)
Words cannot do it justice for all that this special member, Mary Reynolds has done for THCC. So next time you see Mary be sure and congratulate her on a lifetime of excellence. I know this is not the last we will see of Mary as her journey continues with MPI.
Elias Aguirre
MPI Texas Hill Country Chapter

Letter to IBOD

To Whom It May Concern:
The MPI Texas Hill Country Chapter has nominated me for lifetime membership because of my many years of support of our chapter and due to my recent retirement from Around Austin, Inc. , a destination management company in Austin. I understand that I need to send in a letter explaining how I have been involved and why I feel I meet the requirements for this honor. I thought it might be best for me to list how I have participated in MPITHCC over the past 28 years.
  • Joined MPITHCC in June 1986
  • Owned Around Austin, Inc. for 27 years and fully retired in 2010
  • Served on almost every committee either as chair or committee member during 28 years
  • Served on board under 14 presidents (1996- 2005; 2008-2014)
  • Served as chapter president (2003-04)
  • Raised over $7000 for our community charity event two years in a row as Community Outreach director(2010-12)
  • Supplier of Year Award (1996-97)
  • President's Award (2002-03)
  • Committee Chair of Year Award (2010-11)
  • Committee of Year Award (2011-12)
  • Served the last four years as the Chapter Advisor and will continue in that position in current year
MPI THCC is an outstanding chapter and a large part of my life even after retirement. I feel I still have much professional service to offer to my chapter through my years of experience, past history of the chapter, industry connections and grounded common sense. Many of my lifetime friends belong to this chapter as well as twelve past presidents who are still engaged which provides me with a strong incentive to stay connected in the industry. However, with limited financial resources after retirement, it is difficult for me to afford many of the expenses of the chapter to stay active. Being awarded a lifetime membership would certainly help give me the opportunity to continue my service to MPITHCC. Thanks for the consideration.

Mary Reynolds
MPITHCC Chapter Advisor/ Board Member

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