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As busy professionals wouldn't it be nice to have someone schedule all of your appointments and meetings with just a snap? Consider your wish granted. Genee is an app that coordinates and books all of your meetings so you don't have to. Need to confirm lunch with a client? Schedule a conference call with your team?, Genne will take care of it for you and you can go on to conquer the world. Oh and did we mention this app is FREE?

Magic Plan

Need the exact measurements of a room but don't have the specs right in front of you? No worries with MagicPlan. You can quickly create professional floor plans & work estimates. It measures your rooms and draws floor plan just by taking pictures. you can add objects, annotations, photos and attributes to generate reports or complete estimates. No more guessing with this app. It truly is Magic!


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Welcome Periscope. For the past 6 months there's been a new app dominating the live streaming world. Periscope is the ultimate experience allowing users to chat face to face in real time from their mobile phones. What makes this app different than something like Skype? Periscope is native to Twitter and has unlimited possibilities that allow anyone to jump in on the action and interact with the stream using a chat function. While the video is only available for replay for 24 hours, allowing your attendees access to your live event in real time is worth the time limit. Periscope is available for both ISO and Android operating systems!

Post It Plus

Do you have hundreds of post-it notes just floating around the office? If you're anything like me you can have 20-30 post it notes for one project, posted in the most odd places (I found one in my cup holder). With the new Post- It Plus app you can say goodbye to post-it takeover and hello to a system that allows you to keep all notes in one place on your phone. The Post-it Plus app is an application for IOS devices that enables you to take your square Post-it notes from the analog world to the digital world in one click of a button. You can even capture multiple notes and create work boards around your project. Sound Interesting? The Post-it Plus app is only available on IOS devices for now but be patient Android users, they're working on a version for you too!


I met this cool little app on a recent trip zip-lining in the beautiful Hill Country. AutoStitch Panorama is your perfect pal when trying to get that 180 view to post a selfie or share with family and friends. The app takes consecutive images with little effort or contortions and stitches them together for a perfect photo. The best part of the app is it doesn't take a steady hand. If one image is off center, no problem, the app seamlessly lines up the image and voila; a perfect picture. I've started using the app at work to take pictures of meeting space, foyer layouts, and room setups to share with my clients and team. A picture truly is worth a 1000 words!
AutoStitch basic is free and upgrades are just $1.99. Available for iPhone or Android user.

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