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Tired of keeping keeping (and losing) paper receipts? Track and organize all of your event spending with OneReceipt.This free and easy to use app helps you to store paper and digital receipts with just a snap of a photo. OneReceipt even lets you tag your purchases for quick retrieval. The best part about this amazing app is that it’s free!


animoto app
Nothing is more exciting than seeing photos before, during, or after a successful event. With so many photo apps to choose from Animoto provides the best of both worlds blending photos and videos together for a beautiful snapshot of any occasion. If you’re not the technical type, it’s ok Animoto makes it easy to create professional quality videos in just a few minutes. 


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Imagine a world where all of the people on your team can work vitally in one place. Emails, chats, task assignment all happening in one central location. The slack app is perfect for team leads, volunteer coordinators and event professionals who need quick text like communication without the fuss of actual text messages.


As busy professionals wouldn't it be nice to have someone schedule all of your appointments and meetings with just a snap? Consider your wish granted. Genee is an app that coordinates and books all of your meetings so you don't have to. Need to confirm lunch with a client? Schedule a conference call with your team?, Genne will take care of it for you and you can go on to conquer the world. Oh and did we mention this app is FREE?

Magic Plan

Need the exact measurements of a room but don't have the specs right in front of you? No worries with MagicPlan. You can quickly create professional floor plans & work estimates. It measures your rooms and draws floor plan just by taking pictures. you can add objects, annotations, photos and attributes to generate reports or complete estimates. No more guessing with this app. It truly is Magic!

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