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We've recently been informed by a fellow MPI member, of a nifty new app that called gDoc Binder. Our  member discovered this app at a client's board meeting where the Executive Director showed off this app during the presentation. The app mimics the appearance of a classic notebook but allows you to read your digital binders on the go! For only a $10.00 fee, who wouldn't want to get rid of messy papers and sticky notes to organize all of your important notes in one convenient place.


As always MPI is not responsible if the app blows up your computer...



PCmag.com calls it a "slick and simple list-making app." Indeed. When we first met WorkFlowy (introduced to us by Renita Fonseca, CMP with Texas Radiological Society), we were skeptical. She swore by it, but it looks like...a white screen with bullet points for adding your to-do items. Big deal. But we've fallen for it, hard. You can pull it up anywhere, any time, on any device with one tap, whenever you think of something you simply must get done. It auto saves quickly and constantly, you can make multiple lists and share them with others (or not), and what we thought was boring is easy on the eyes. One mouse click and you can put a "done" line through anything. If it's good enough for Harvard Business Review (they recommended it), it's good enough for us. Thanks, Renita! Free for iOS and Android, basic version. Got an app you can't live without? Share! Contact Director of Advertising and Publications Lisa Varner, CMP at Lisa Varner at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


 Is that a scanner in your pocket? This app "will make clunky scanners obsolete!" according to reviews.
TinyScan turns your phone into a mini scanner for documents, photos, receipts, etc. You can scan your documents anywhere and store or email them as PDF files. TinyScan is well designed and extremely easy to use. Free for iOS (App Store) and Android (Google Play), basic version


iRubyTime can be used when you want to track the time spent on one project by one employee. It makes it easier to track the time spent on specific projects, since you can set priorities and deadlines to that one project. For the freelancer it's equally reliable, as it helps you count the hours you worked on a project and bill the client accordingly. Multiple users can be created, and you can create administrator and client accounts. Administrators and clients both can track the progress of the ongoing project and they can decide the ETA based on the data. They can add, edit and create new projects, too, and can monitor employees' ongoing work, including the history of the projects. Free for iDevices. Check it out here.



This one's an "oldie" (on the world of apps) but always worth a mention.
You can organize your travel plans in one place! What a concept. Just forward your travel confirmation emails to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and TripIt "automagically" creates a detailed daily itinerary for every trip.

We can't do AppChat without you!

Please send your favorites to Tanida Mullen at dir-adv-pub@mpithcc.org. You'll get full "credit" and fellow members will know just how app-savvy you are!


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