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It's December, the holidays are coming...let's just be fun. MoviePop is quick and addicting if you're a movie buff. It shows you movie clips in various categories, and you identify the movie (or actor) as fast as you can against an opponent (you don't play at the same time). You play against other people (friends or strangers...your choice) and it's fun to play a round and come back to see if your opponent took their turn yet. The better you do, the more new clips open up to you (repetitions can get boring, but they certainly become easy to ID). Don't play around kids unless you want them to see Joe Pesci get pummeled in "Casino" (lesson learned).
Free on Apple devices and on GooglePlay for the Android.


This baby will let you test the speed of wired or wireless WiFi connections in your meeting space, venue lobby and hotel rooms. Keep in mind that speed depends on number of simultaneous users, but it's a great start!


This one looks intense but it's free in the App Store and also looks cool. There's more to it than this, but basically it allows expo attendees to use "albums" to store photos of products that catch their attention and - most interestingly -users can see a live stream of what's being snapped by other attendees (filtered to reflect the app user's interests). It's nice and voyeuristic, the way we all like it these days! The "map" section will cost, though. A lot. Read more about it here...and maybe take a pass on that part. Or not.


Do You Hate Your Handwriting? I (Emily Mathews, CMP) sure do. With a passion. I was lamenting to iPad guru Stormi Boyd, CMP, CMM (whom many of our members know) about how I want to "write" on my iPad but cannot stand my writing on paper, let alone on an iPad. Great info from Stormi: "This is huge! I have an app called Noteshelf ($5.99 at the App Store). It is amazing and has allowed me to completely get rid of my spiral bound notebooks for notes. You can write in all different colors, highlight, and you can zoom...therefore your handwriting looks prettier. I'm also a huge advocate of the stylus from Adonit. It's called the Jot Pro. About $20 but worth every penny. They have them on Amazon or at Fry's."

Red Coat Direct

Marriott International unveiled an app that allows meeting organizers to request onsite services at Marriott-branded properties, according to the hotel company. "Available for all Internet-enabled devices including iPhone, iPad, Android phones, Kindle Fire and laptops," Red Coat Direct "is personalized to each organizer's specific meeting," according to Marriott. Requests submitted through the app are routed to the appropriate event manager "and the department that can fulfill the request." Users can submit requests within three days of a meeting and throughout the event. Red Coat Direct currently is applicable for events at 10 U.S. Marriott-branded hotels. By the end of 2014, it will be expanded to "the brand's entire global portfolio of 500 hotels," and made available in 19 languages, according to the company. From Business Travel News

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