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Plan to “Think Big” in 2015

January brings with it hope for a spectacular year of success. A new year signifies a fresh start, and many people are excited by the fresh start that comes with a new calendar. But are you limiting your own success? Is your plan for 2015 going to allow you to achieve the things you desire in your personal and professional life? Do you even have a plan?
Too many people (including myself) do not achieve their highest potential because they allow false limitations keep them from doing the amazing things they dream about. When we think about our goals for the New Year, we most likely let our past successes and failures dictate the beliefs of what we could accomplish in the future. Yet when I observe my most successful friends, they don't bind themselves with limits. They see life as having endless possibilities.
Some say certain people have "the Midas touch," as if they were born with the ability to turn any situation into a golden opportunity. But the reality is they just see the world differently. They think big. They think really BIG!!! Thinking big followed by action is what leads some people to the top levels of success.
(At this point some of you reading this have tuned out. Many roll their eyes when the topic of "goal setting" is discussed. And by now those who are goal setters have already written their 2015 plans. But in either case, keep reading...)
Setting clearly defined goals can be a good way to achieve more in your life. There are three things to do if you want to reach your goals:
  1. Know what you want.
  2. Have a clear plan to get there.
  3. Take action when opportunities arise.
These three simple things are the best ways to expand your future and allow yourself to have a better 2015. While they do work for some people, luck, prayer, and the "Law of Attraction" hardly make for an ideal business plan.
Knowing what you want makes it much easier when you are faced with tough choices. "Does this action take me closer to my goal, or lead me farther away from my goal?" is a wonderful question that can keep people from making mistakes or becoming distracted. Don't choose too many things, and make sure your desires are worthy of your focused attention and efforts. It takes work to achieve goals, so be sure they are the right ones to pursue.
Selecting the right goals, ones that are both attainable and realistic, is the first step. Next, invest the time in writing them down so that you can keep them top of mind all year long. I do this. My business plan includes speaking at over 50 events a year. I have that number clearly positioned where I am reminded of it at all times, and since 2009 I have always exceeded this goal (64 presentations in 2014). It is just part of my integrated plan for success and the foundation of what I need to do to reach my goals.
Be introspective about your own past successes and failures. We all win some and lose some. While our past will help identify our strengths and weaknesses, keep in mind that earlier failures do not mean you cannot achieve. Some of the most successful people on earth have stumbled along their path.
Remember, missing your target goal is not a failure. Sometimes people set goals and do not achieve them—and then get depressed or tainted about the whole goal setting process. I have found that missing a goal is not always bad, as often the pursuit of a goal brought me to higher levels of success than I would have had without that target in my sights. Other times I discover something else along the way I did not even know I wanted, and I change my goal while en route. That's okay too ... it is your life, not a stone tablet. Be flexible with what comes your way.
Take advantage of this new calendar and think big about what you want in 2015. Share your desires with someone (heck, send me an email), and go out and accomplish more in the New Year.
Thom Singer is known as "The Conference Catalyst," a speaker who mixes meaningful content with a high energy presentation style that results in audiences gaining new knowledge and taking action on what they have learned. Thom is also the host of the "Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do" podcast. He can be reached through www.ThomSinger.com or (512) 970-0398.


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