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ThomSingerMusings on Meetings

By Thom Singer

Thom Singer is a member of the MPI-THCC chapter and is a professional speaker, trainer and consultant. He's known as "The Conference Catalyst" for his unique program, designed to transform how attendees engage at multi-day business and association events. Welcome, Thom!

Creating Your Own “Catalyst Club”

Over 75 years ago, Napoleon Hill mentioned the idea of a "Mastermind Group" in his book Think and Grow Rich, but the concept goes back even farther. Ben Franklin had a peer group who met regularly to discuss ideas for more success. Despite this long and distinguished history, few people understand how to curate a long-term and mutually beneficial peer group. In my "Conference Catalyst" role at meetings, I have begun working with attendees to create their own "Catalyst Clubs" in order to push their accountability with their networking efforts to a higher level.
A Mastermind Group turns a small group of like-minded people into an actionable support team by creating a multi-person personal board of directors who meet regularly and lend continuing advice and counsel to every member of the group. It may be hard to conceive, but when done right, this type of group can transform a career.


What is Cooperative Significance?

The July 2014 issue of Meeting Professional Magazine has an article I wrote called "The Power of Cooperative Significance". This is a subject for my new speech, and a key topic that keeps coming up with my clients. It is the core of how I have come to see the path to career and life success.

A meeting professional who read the article reached out and asked me to explain "What is cooperative significance?" My answer?

It is a way of life!


It’s Summer, But Don’t Cool It on Your Networking

The summer heat is creeping its way into Central Texas. The kids are out of school and people are planning their vacations. But the work of the meeting professional is never done. No matter what time of year is your busy conference season, there's always a plethora of details that need to be attended to each month. Summertime doesn't necessarily translate to being a holiday.


Engage Your First-Time Attendees With a First-Rate Experience

The value of the "first-time attendee" is often overlooked at events. While we all understand that the power of a successful meeting is about the people, the moving pieces of organizing a large event can often leave the "first timers' reception" or other new-attendee programs to become an after-thought.
If you make your first-timer experience a second-tier priority, then you'll have second-tier results. Yet when people have a great time at their first conference, they are more committed to returning year after year.


Maximizing Your Networking at a Conference

While meeting professionals put in many hours planning and hosting conferences, too often when we participate in events as attendees we fail to get the most from being there. Here's a reminder for all of us.

One of the most common reasons that business professionals give for attending a conference, seminar or convention is the "networking opportunities." However, few people take advantage of making the connections that they claim to be seeking. They often come up short in their efforts to build meaningful relationships.



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