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ThomSingerMusings on Meetings

By Thom Singer

Thom Singer is a member of the MPI-THCC chapter and is a professional speaker, trainer and consultant. He's known as "The Conference Catalyst" for his unique program, designed to transform how attendees engage at multi-day business and association events. Welcome, Thom!

Care and Feeding of Speakers: The Secret Sauce of Event Success

Speakers are an integral part of the meetings industry. Planners and speakers who work well together and have open lines of communication will enhance the experience of everyone involved with a conference.

Almost every speaker desires to be considered a partner with the planner, and not just another vendor. Speakers set the tone for events, but their contributions are not limited to their time on stage. Because many speakers appear at dozens or hundreds of events each year, they are a valuable resource for planners. But not all speakers are the same, and treating them as a commodity product that fills a slot can undermine their ability to shine and can limit the ROI of working together.


Givers Give

Those of us who work in and around meetings are fortunate. The industry is strong, and we get to be associated with some of the most interesting and hardest working people on the planet. Our efforts educate, engage, entertain, and inspire millions of people who participate in face-to-face events. Meetings change lives.
However, working in this industry means long hours. Being an active meeting professional can seem overwhelming at times, but we should remember that those who are fortunate should also find ways to give back. Even with busy lives there is always a need for people to volunteer. With heavy doses of responsibility, and a personal focus on achieving goals, it can be easy to forget that giving back is an important part of our individual success journey.


Make a Great 2014 Your Goal

The end of the year is a natural time to re-assess where we have been and setting goals for the following year. Historically, people have looked at the "new year" as a chance for a fresh start, and much attention is given to "New Year Resolutions." But many also hate the idea of making resolutions or setting goals, as they feel it sets them up for failure. However, it really is a great way to push ourselves to achieve more.


When The Sky Is Falling – Staying Motivated and Avoiding “Chicken Little”

A career in the meetings industry can be crazy at times. There are so many moving parts involved in pulling off amazing events that sometimes it can be overwhelming. This can happen to someone early in their career or to a seasoned veteran. When we get to that breaking point in our busy lives and then we get hit in the head by something we did not expect it can just be too much. Boom! We feel that all is lost. We become "Chicken Little" and are convinced the sky is falling.


Technology and Meetings:

The Pros and Cons as They Pertain to a Diverse Audience

We live in a time of great technological changes, and the meetings industry is feeling the impact. The internet and the adoption of mobile tools are creating new opportunities for planners to create more engagement with attendees, fresh ways to promote events, easier registration processes, and real time onsite two way communications between anyone involved with the event.



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